Chrysler 300C Service Tips

by Kate McFarlin

After you purchase a new Chrysler 300c, following a proper maintenance schedule will help ensure that your vehicle lasts for many years to come. The manufacturer provides specific information that details exactly what services are recommended at specific times. While you don't have to follow it exactly, it is a good idea to at least follow a basic maintenance schedule for your vehicle.

The 300c Owner's Manual provides instructions on how to do basic vehicle maintenance on your own, but it is always a good idea to take your vehicle in to an authorized Chrysler dealer for regular service to ensure that you are following warranty guidelines for your vehicle.

Every 3000 Miles

Although you can go longer in between oil changes, using the basic three-months-or-3,000-miles schedule will help keep your vehicle functioning properly. This service visit should include an oil change, an oil filter change and a check of your other fluid levels. Car service centers may offer additional services for a basic oil change, and it's always a good idea to take advantage of them.

Every 6,000 Miles

The recommended service at 6,000 miles includes all of the above, as well as having your tires rotated and your brakes inspected. Rotating your tires on a regular basis will help them wear evenly and cut down on issues that can arise from improperly worn tires, such as steering difficulty and hydroplaning. Inspecting your brakes frequently will help you stay on top of any potential problems with this vital safety feature of your vehicle.

Every 12,000 Miles

Once you hit 12,000 miles on your vehicle, you will need a few more items completed during your regular service visit. Air filters should be changed and the air conditioning system, CV joints and exhaust system should all be inspected, in addition to the services previously recommended.

Every 30,000 Miles

Your spark plugs may need to be replaced on your 300c if you have the 2.7L or 5.7L engine once you hit 30,000 miles. The transfer case fluid should also be inspected during this visit in addition to your regular oil change. You should also have your belts inspected to ensure that they are not wearing out.


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