How to Choose the Size for a Steering Wheel Cover

by J. Johnson
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Your steering wheel cover has a few different functions. It helps to protect your hands from the hot steering wheel on a sunny day. It helps you grip the wheel more firmly for added safety, and it allows you to express your individuality through the steering wheel cover design. Before you can enjoy any of these functions and features, you need to choose the right size for your steering wheel cover to make sure it stays put and does its job.

Step 1

Use the tape measure to get the total outside diameter of your steering wheel. This is the area from one far side of the steering wheel to the other. Measure in inches.

Step 2

Measure the grip circumference of your steering wheel in inches. Wrap your tape measure around the thickest part of your steering wheel to get this measurement.

Step 3

Look for steering wheel covers that conform to the size of your steering wheel. Each brand will have different size specifications, so pay attention to the outside diameter and grip circumference when choosing your steering wheel cover.

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