How to Choose the Right Replacement Gas Cap

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A gas cap seems insignificant as far as automobile parts go, but it's a key part of your automobile's emission control system. Choosing the right replacement cap helps everyone breathe easier.

Bring your car's year, make, and model with you to the auto parts store.

Check a reference manual or a supply store's computer database for the type of cap your car needs.

Select the type of gas cap specified. Don't substitute another kind, even if it looks and feels OK.


  • close Don't drive around without a gas cap - it's unsafe for you, your car, and the environment.
  • close The closed-fuel system of a new car reduces pollution by forcing vapors into a recovery canister. Pick the wrong cap, and you'll end up with vapors escaping. A snug feel is not enough. Even a gas cap that goes on readily and doesn't wiggle can have an imperfect seal.

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