How to Choose the Oil and Fluids for an Oldsmobile Alero

by TJ Hinton
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Oldsmobile has very specific fluid specifications for its 2004 Alero GX models. It's been updated to reflect current technology and supersedes the information in your owner's manual. Use 5.1 quarts of 5W-30 oil meeting the GM6094M standard for cooler climates, and 10W-30 for climates above 65 degrees F. The engine coolant received an update as well, to incorporate their new Organic Acid Technology. The system holds 8.6 quarts of GM OAT Coolant.


The automatic transaxle holds a total of 12.9 quarts of fluid, but roughly half of it remains trapped during the fluid change. Add 6.9 quarts of Dexron VI ATF after a fluid and filter change, then top off as needed. Use GLS, GM part No. 88861801 in the manual transmission. The system holds about 1.8 quarts, or until the oil starts to drain from the fill hole.


Use DOT 3 brake fluid, part No. 12345347 in both the hydraulic brake, and hydraulic clutch system where applicable. GM recommends that you use GM Part No. 89021184 power-steering fluid to top off the power-steering reservoir. Air conditioner-equipped models use 21 ounces of the R-134A refrigerant.

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