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How to Choose the Oil and Fluids for a Mercury Villager

by Contributor

The Mercury Villager, twin to the Nissan Quest, was produced from 1993 to 2002. Like most Mercury vehicles, the Villager minivan relies heavily on Motorcraft fluids and supplies to keep it running. These steps apply to all model years of the Mercury Villager.

Step 1

Use High Performance DOT 3 motor vehicle brake fluid. To avoid damage to or failure of your braking systems, leading to injury or death, using only recommended brake fluids.

Step 2

Keep Motorcraft MERCON ATF on hand for a variety of uses, including power steering fluid and automatic transmission fluid.

Step 3

Change your engine oil regularly, using Motorcraft [SAE 5W30]( super premium motor oil. You may use 10W30 in a pinch, but only if temperatures aren't expected to fall below 0 degrees Fahrenheit before your next oil change.

Mix premium engine coolant at a 50 percent ratio with distilled or clean, drinkable water. In extreme cold temperatures, you may use up to 70 percent coolant in the mixture, but running pure coolant in your Mercury Villager isn't recommended under any circumstances.


  • Make certain not to interchange your vehicle's fluids. Except for some rare instances where automatic transmission fluid may be used in additional applications, like power steering fluid, mixing or interchanging different types of fluids may lead to severe, dangerous failure of your vehicle's systems.
  • Avoid mixing different brands or types of fluid in the same application. For example, if you're going to change brands of power steering fluid, you should completely drain the system of the previous fluid before refilling with the new type.

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