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Chevrolet Colorado Brake Problems

by Jack McGregor

The Chevrolet Colorado has had multiple brake problems before 2010. Brakes locking without notice, squealing and grinding noises and brake light malfunctions are the most common complaints.

ABS Malfunctions

Numerous complaints have been made to consumer advocate groups about the anti-lock brake system on the Chevrolet Colorado. The brakes lock without notice, often throwing the driver into the steering wheel. The ABS sensor often malfunctions, causing the ABS to not work.

Brake Noise

Chevrolet Colorado owners report a widespread problem with the brakes squealing or grinding. Chevrolet has advised shaving the brakes or backing off the brakes, but many owners report the problem continues even after spending hundreds of dollars on repairs.

Brake Lights

The most common complaint with the Chevrolet Colorado is failure of the brake lights. The lights either come on and will not go off or do not come on at all. Serious accidents have been reported because following drivers cannot tell if the Colorado is braking. Chevrolet has issued two recalls for this problem. The first was in April of 2006, and the second was in July of 2009. They included Colorados for model years 2004-2009.

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