Cherokee Headlight Removal

by Christian Killian

Removing the headlight from your Jeep Cherokee will allow replacement of the bulb or access to other components behind the headlight. The headlight, a sealed beam halogen bulb assembly, has not changed over the entire production run of the Jeep Cherokee. Later models use a slightly smaller bulb, but the procedure for accessing the bulb has not changed. If you need replacement bulbs for your Jeep, they are available from any auto parts store or through the dealer.

Step 1

Locate the four retaining screws in the bezel that surrounds the headlight on the grille of the Jeep. Remove the screws with a Phillips head screwdriver then pull the bezel off the front of the Jeep. Set it aside to avoid damage to the plastic bezel.

Step 2

Remove the two retaining screws in the ring that surrounds the sealed beam headlight with a Phillips head screwdriver then remove the metal retaining ring from around the headlight. Be sure to hold the sealed beam headlight in place when you remove the ring, or it will fall out.

Step 3

Pull the sealed beam headlight bulb straight out until you can access the electrical connector on the back of the bulb. Pull the connector straight off the bulb and set it aside.

Step 4

Slide the sealed beam headlight bulb out of the front of the grille. Set the bulb aside and repeat the process to remove the opposite headlight if necessary.

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