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How to Check the Transmission Fluid on a 2005 Tacoma

by Rex Molder

Checking the fluid levels in your 2005 Toyota Tacoma is an important part of a preventative maintenance plan. Keeping all fluids at the correct level will help ensure that your vehicle operates without problems. One of the fluids that must be checked is the transmission fluid. Operating your 2005 Toyota Tacoma without sufficient transmission fluid can cause serious and expensive damage to the truck's transmission.


Drive the Tacoma for a few miles to bring the engine and the transmission to normal operating temperature. This allows the fluid to circulate through the transmission system. Checking the fluid when the engine is cold can cause an inaccurate reading.


Park the Tacoma on level ground and apply the parking brake. Leave the truck running.


Depress the brake pedal. With the vehicle running, shift the gear selector into "Reverse" and wait a few seconds. Continue to cycle through each position on the gear selector until you have gone through all gears. Return the gear selector to "Park."


Raise the hood and locate the transmission gauge. It has a T-shaped handle and is located on the driver's side of the truck, near the fire wall. Remove the transmission fluid gauge from its pipe and wipe it with a clean cloth. Reinsert the gauge into the pipe.


Remove the gauge again. The fluid should reach the section of the gauge marked "Hot." If it doesn't reach this mark, you need to add transmission fluid. Check the Tacoma owner's manual for transmission fluid specifications.


Replace the gauge and close the truck's hood.


  • If you add transmission fluid, clean the reservoir before opening it to avoid contamination.


  • Do not allow transmission fluid to come in contact with the vehicle's paint.

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