How to Check If a Torque Converter Is Going Bad

by Frank Dioso

A torque converter is a device found in automobiles with automatic transmissions. It allows the vehicle to come to a complete stop without stalling the engine. The torque converter works by transferring the rotating power generated by the vehicle's engine to the transmission, similar to a vehicle that uses a stick shift. The device allows you to drive automatically instead of switching gears like in a stick shift car. Torque converters are usually maintenance free. However they can and do malfunction. There are ways you can find out if a torque converter is going bad.

Start your car engine and allow the vehicle to warm up for a few minutes. Make sure your automobile is on a flat street.

Shift your automobile into "Drive" after warming up.

Lift your foot off the brake pedal but don't step on the gas pedal. Your automobile will begin to move forward if the torque converter is working properly. If not, then you may have a faulty torque converter.

Step on the gas pedal slowly. If the automobile revs up before going forward, this may hint the torque converter is going bad. Also, check your transmission fluid and make sure there is enough fluid. Your vehicle will rev up if there isn't enough fluid. If the automobile still revs up after checking and adding transmission fluid then you may have a faulty torque converter.

About the Author

Frank Dioso is a trained medical technologist working for prominent research institutions such as Quest Diagnostics and California Clinical Trials. He has, for many years, ghostwritten clinical trial reports for confidential pharmaceutical drugs and is currently contributing his clinical laboratory science knowledge to online how-to articles.