How to Check the Status of Your Car Title in Alabama

by Jim Crescitelli
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It is easy to check the status of the title to an automobile in Alabama. For a $6.00 fee (as of 2010), any registered title may be searched. The title to a car is held by the individual, organization or company that owns it outright. If there is a lien against its final ownership due to an outstanding loan, then the lending organization holds the title. When the loan is paid off, the purchaser receives the title.

Checking the Title Status Online

Step 1

Visit the Alabama Department of Revenue website.

Step 2

Select the Divisions & Services drop-down menu and click "Motor Vehicle."

Step 3

Select the FAQs drop-down menu and click "Title."

Step 4

Scroll to the bottom of the Vehicle Title FAQs page and click "Please contact us by clicking here."

Step 5

Click "To check the status of your title, please click here to use our Vehicle Information Check." Whether or not you are an Alabama Interactive subscriber will determine which buttons you click on this page. It is not necessary to be an Alabama Interactive subscriber to continue. If you are not a subscriber, simply click on "I Agree." (Subscribers may also log in on this page.)

Step 6

Enter either the automobile's title number or vehicle identification number, and click "Search." The $6.00 search fee is noted on this form, and you will be directed to a page that allows you to pay for this service. When your payment is processed, you will arrive at the Vehicle Information page, which gives the automobile's characteristics and all information regarding any liens. This page will display the name of the person or entity holding the title.

Checking the Title Status by Telephone

Step 1

Call the Alabama Department of Revenue at 334-242-1170 and ask for the Motor Vehicle Division.

Step 2

Request the telephone number for the title and registration offices for the county that the automobile is registered in. Some counties have privacy laws in place, which forbid giving out this information over the telephone. This will be determined when you call the county Title and Registration office.

Step 3

Give the county office the title number or the Vehicle Identification Number along with a credit card to pay for any fees.

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