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How to Check and Replace a Timing Belt in a Ford Mustang

by Contributor

The Ford Mustang is a very sporty coupe produced for the first time 1964. People want a Mustang because of the car's high performance. When the timing belt wears out, the performance level of the Mustang plummets. When you purchase a Mustang, you need to consider the cost and time of preventive maintenance. Check timing belts at 50 to 60K miles and replace between 70 and 80K miles.

Step 1

Purchase a new timing belt for your Mustang and compare the teeth to the old belt. Do some troubleshooting while you have the timing belt off. Look at the Cam and crankshaft sprockets. The teeth wear down and can cause a lot of damage to your engine.

Step 2

Slide the new timing belt in place and position it on the sprockets. You need to loosen the bolts that hold the tensioner and allow it to contact the new timing belt.

Step 3

Adjust the timing belt so that there is a correct amount of tension applied to the belt.

Step 4

Read the timing marks on the cam and the crankshaft. You need to make sure that all sprockets are in alignment before you start the engine.

Step 5

Take a wrench and put it on the crankshaft pulley. You need to turn the engine over manually-don't use a key and ignition. Turn the engine over twice manually.

Step 6

Check to see if the new belt sits into place on the sprockets. Read all the positions of the timing marks and make sure they are in place.

Get the timing covers, put them in place and tighten the bolts/screws. Replace the drive belt and other components you had to take out to get to the timing belt. Now start up the Mustang.


  • Always disconnect the battery cables when doing a repair on the engine of the car.


  • You can damage the engine of the Mustang if you force the timing belt over the sprockets.

Items you will need

  • Wrench set
  • New timing belt
  • Screwdriver set

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