The Check Engine Light Is on in My Kia Spectra

by Robert Moore
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The check engine light on your 2000-to-2009 Kia Spectra is alerting you that trouble codes have been stored in the onboard computer's memory bank. These trouble codes could be related to a failure in the engine control system, driveline control system, body control system or emissions system. The check engine light is alerting you of a fault in one of these systems, but the fault may not have a direct effect on engine performance or operation.

What Could that Light Mean?

The onboard computer in your Spectra monitors every sensor, and sets a trouble code for any reading that is out of specification. The only way to know the reason behind the check engine light is to read the trouble codes stored in the onboard computer. These codes are designed to help mechanics diagnose and troubleshoot any problems your Spectra may have. If you're not having any performance issues with your Spectra, a common cause is a loose gas cap. Make sure you tighten your cap until it clicks three times after refueling. If the check engine light continues to illuminate after the next refueling, have your vehicle scanned and diagnosed to determine the actual cause of the check engine light. If you have performance issues -- such as poor acceleration, rough idle or erratic shifting -- have your vehicle diagnosed immediately, as there is a problem somewhere within the engine or driveline control system that needs to be inspected and attended to.

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