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How to turn off the "check brake lining message" on your BMW

by braniac

This is for all those that are receiving the check brake lining message for the first time or whom may have had their brakes changed at a non BMW shop or have changed the brakes themselves and did not know how to get the check brake linings message off. The check brake linings message just means the brake pads are low and if you have had your brakes changed you need to reset this. Or it means that the brake pad sensor snapped off or came loose which occasionally happens.

BMW's that get this message have two sensors. One is one of the front tires and the other is on one of the rear tires, it varies by model and/or country. Please refer to the Owner's Manual for more information on where your sensors are located on your specific BMW.

Step 1

Enter the car and leave the driver's door open. This is important, if the drivers door is not open this will not work.

Step 2

Insert key into ignition and turn to position 2. Leave it there.

Step 3

Hold in that position until the brake light warning message disappears. Once it disappears you can start your car and use as normal. Should the brake sensors have been installed correctly this warning message will not return. If the warning message does return it means one of 2 things. 1) The brakes are low. 2) The sensor was installed improperly, came loose, or is malfunctioning.

If it is still on, you can take the wheels off where the 2 sensors are located and see if the sensor is attached correctly. It goes from the top left of the wheel well (connected to a little black box) to the caliper. It is the thin black wire that you see in the picture above. Make sure that it is clipped into the caliper and connected and not damaged. If not, it is simple to change. You just remove it from the caliper and open the black box and unsnap it out. Then you can install a new one. Then repeat the top 3 steps and the warning light should go off.


  • If the warning message doesn't disappear then the sensors may not have been installed or may have been installed improperly.
  • The brake pad sensor wire cost approximately $20 OEM or <$20 aftermarket.


  • If you are uncomfortable with any of the steps, please bring to a professional mechanic or an authorized BMW dealer.
  • Be very careful removing the wheels as they are extremely heavy.
  • Be sure the car has jack stands as it is very heavy and unsafe just to use a jack should you have to get to the brake pad sensors.

Items you will need

  • Car Key

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