How to Change a Wheel Hub Bearing on a Cadillac

by Juanita Williams

A wheel hub bearing is part of a vehicle steering system. The trademark of a bad wheel bearing on a Cadillac is a roaring noise. In addition it may make a grinding noise when making turns. Another symptom is that your car might pull to one side when the brakes are applied.

Remove lugs from the wheel by using the lug wrench. Take the lug wrench, placing it on the wheel lug, and turn counterclockwise until the lugs are removed. Raise your vehicle with the hydraulic jack until the tire is completely off the ground. Remove the tire.

Remove the brake caliper. Use your ratchet on a 15mm socket turning upward loosen the retaining bolt. Follow the same procedure for the adjacent retaining bolt. Remove the brake caliper by using your flathead screwdriver.

Remove the rotor support. Take your ratchet on your 15mm socket, turning counterclockwise to remove the rotor retaining bolts. Remove the rotor support.

Remove the axle retaining bolt. Use the breaker bar on a 32mm socket turning counter clockwise until the axle retaining bolt is removed.

Put the puller on the hub. Separate the hub from the drive axle. Take the ratchet on a 1/2 inch socket attaching it to the puller. Turning clockwise, tighten the puller until the drive axle is removed.

Remove the hub. Take your ratchet on a 1/2 inch socket; remove the three hub retaining bolt. Turning counterclockwise, remove the speed sensor with your flathead screwdriver. Apply pressure on hub to remove.

Reverse procedure to install.

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