How to Change the Starter in a Dodge Grand Caravan

by Carl Pruit
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Occasionally, the starter of the Dodge Grand Caravan will wear out from usage and will require replacement. Changing the starter on a Dodge Grand Caravan can be completed in about an hour. The starter on most vehicles, including all models of the Dodge Grand Caravan are located below the engine, mounted on the transmission housing. You can change the starter yourself, saving the time and money of having a mechanic change the starter for you.

Step 1

Unfasten the negative battery cable from the battery with an open end wrench, and move the cable away from any metal parts. Place a wood block behind the rear tire to prevent the vehicle from rolling back.

Step 2

Lift the front end of the vehicle on the passenger side with a floor jack, and place a jack stand under the front axle. Lower the floor jack until the vehicle sits on the jack stand.

Step 3

Locate the starter underneath the engine in front of the transmission housing. Unfasten the electrical wire connectors, removing the nuts on the metal terminals of the starter with a socket wrench.

Step 4

Remove the starter from the transmission housing using a socket wrench to unfasten the bolts. Take the starter out from underneath the engine.

Step 5

Attach the new starter to the transmission housing, securing the bolts with a socket wrench. Reattach the electrical wiring connectors to the starter, securing the wires with the nuts on the metal terminals.

Step 6

Lift the vehicle up with the floor jack, and remove the jack stand from underneath the vehicle. Lower the Dodge Grand Caravan down so it sits on the ground.

Step 7

Attach the negative battery cable to the battery with an open end wrench. Remove the wood block from behind the tire.

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