How to Change a Road Glide Headlight

by Jim Murkot Sr.
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Harley-Davidson Road Glide motorcycles have two headlights contained within the outer fairing assembly. Changing one or both of these headlights involves the removal of the outer fairing. Great care and concentration are needed to accomplish this task without scratching or otherwise damaging the fairing. As such, this procedure is best performed in a garage or shop and not on the roadside. It will take about 30 to 60 minutes to change a Road Glide headlight, depending upon your skill level.

Remove the Seat

Step 1

Make sure the motorcycle's engine is cool to the touch.

Step 2

Take out the screw on the back of the seat with a cross-tip screwdriver.

Step 3

Free the seat by pulling the seat toward the rear of the bike and lifting upwards.

Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery with a 10mm wrench.

Remove the Outer Fairing

Step 1

Unscrew all seven outer fairing fasteners using a Torx driver. These screws are located on the inner fairing near the windshield, the speakers, and the handlebar clamps.

Step 2

Stand in front of the motorcycle. Tilt the outer fairing toward you and hold it firmly. Reach in and disconnect the wire connectors for the headlight assembly by hand.

Move the fairing to a work bench to continue the procedure.

Change the Headlights

Step 1

Remove the wire harness connectors from the back of each headlight that need replacement. Turn the plastic retainer counterclockwise by hand to remove each bulb from its housing.

Step 2

Install the new headlight bulb or bulbs, with each bulb's wider ears on the bulb back plates oriented toward the top. Screw in the plastic retainer rings by hand.

Step 3

Connect the headlight wire harness connectors to the back of each headlight.

Move the fairing back to the motorcycle. Reinstall the fairing, battery and seat in reverse order.

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