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How to Change the Power Steering Fluid in a KIA

by Robert Good

Changing the power steering fluid on your KIA needs to be done every few months. Not paying attention to the color and amount of power steering fluid may lead to serious damage to your power steering pump. The power steering pump allows you to steer your KIA comfortable and easily. All that you will need to complete this job is a few tools, new power steering fluid, and about 5 minutes of your time.

Step 1

Place the big cup under the power steering pump. This will catch the power steering fluid when you start to drain the pump.

Step 2

Loosen the nut that is connecting the hose to the bottom of the power steering pump with the pliers. Pull the power steering hose away from the power steering pump and let the power steering pump drain into the big cup.

Step 3

Replace the power steering hose to the power steering pump. Tighten the power steering pump hose nut with the pliers.

Pour new power steering fluid into the power steering pump until the fluid reached the "Full" line. Turn on the KIA and turn the steering wheel a few times.

Items you will need

  • Cup
  • Pliers

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