How to Change a Power Steering Belt

by Robert Good

A drive belt on an engine will be the long belt that connects to each engine pulley. Most front-wheel drive vehicles now have an engine that is sideways in the engine compartment (transverse engines) and the drive belt and pulleys will be located on the side of the engine. Rear-wheel drive vehicles have the engine installed so that the engine pulleys and the drive belt are located on the front of the engine. The engine pulleys and the drive belt on All Wheel Drive (AWD) vehicles will be set up just as the rear-wheel drive engine is. The power steering belt is the drive belt, but is called the power steering belt at the point that it connects to the power steering pump pulley.


Open the hood of the vehicle and locate the drive belt. Locate the smallest engine pulley at the bottom of the engine. This will be the tensioner pulley that loosens and tighten the drive belt.


Grab the nut in the center of the tensioner pulley using the wrench and tighten the wrench onto the nut. Hold the tensioner pulley tightly using one of your hands and turn the nut in a counterclockwise motion until the drive belt gets enough slack in it to move the belt off the pulley.


Remove the wrench from the pulley nut and pull the drive belt off all the engine pulleys. Place the replacement drive belt onto all of the engine pulleys according to the diagram that is located on the inside front edge of the hood. If the diagram is not on the inside of the hood, then the diagram will be located inside the owner's manual.


Reconnect the wrench to the nut on the tensioner pulley the same way that you connected it in Step 2. Tighten the nut until all of the slack in the drive belt is removed. Close the hood.


  • check On some smaller engines components will need to be removed to gain access to the tensioner pulley.

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