How to Change Fork Oil on a Honda CR 250

by Robert Good

The Honda CR250 is a racing dirt bike with a 249cc 2 stroke engine made for fast endurance track racing. The CR250's engine is one of the most simple engines to maintain on the market today. The front tire sits between the front forks, and the forks act as shock absorbers. The fork oil and seals needs to be changed every 50 hours or as soon as the front forks start to leak.

Raise the entire frame off the ground with the motorcycle lift. Locate the axle nut that is securing the front tire to the front forks. Remove the axle nut with the wrench and then tap out the axle from the center of the front tire with the rubber-tipped hammer.

Locate the securing clamp at the top of the handle bar. There is one securing clamp for each fork. Loosen the securing clamps for both of the front forks with the Allen wrench and pull both forks off of the frame.

Place the drain pan under the fork. Remove the drain nut from the bottom of the fork with the pliers, and allow the fork oil to drain into the drain pan. Pry off the fork seal with the flat head screw driver. Repeat steps for the second fork.

Slide the new fork seal onto the fork and press down until the seal snaps into place. Insert the funnel into the drain nut hole and pour in the new fork oil. Replace the drain nut and tighten with the wrench.

Return the forks to the handle bars and tighten the securing clamps with the Allen wrench to secure the forks on the frame. Replace the tire between the front forks. Tap the axle all the way into the center of the front tire. Replace the axle nut and tighten it with the pliers.

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