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How to Change Oil on a Golf Cart

by Contributor

Maintenance on golf carts is as important as proper maintenance on the car you drive every day. Changing the oil in your golf cart is an integral part of proper maintenance to keep the cart performing at its best. Learning to do your own oil change on your golf cart saves you money while extending the life of your golf cart.

Step 1

Check the oil level in your golf cart while the engine is warm. On a level surface, park the car, set the park brake and wait a couple of minutes while the oil drains into the crankcase. Use a clean dipstick to check the oil level. Examine the level and amount of debris in the oil. It is time to change the oil when the levels are low and/or the oil is thick and murky.

Step 2

Drain the oil through the oil filter. On some models the oil filter is under the clutch. Check your owner's manual to be sure about the location of your golf cart's oil filter. Drain the oil with the O-ring in the engine's groove to prevent an oil leak. Collect the oil in a container and recycle it at an auto parts store.

Step 3

Examine other engine parts while changing the oil like spark plugs, belts and filters for signs of wear. For some gas models, there are tune-up kits available that include a gas filter, air filter and oil filter for your model. Bennett Golf Cars offers tune-up kits as well as advice on the care of your cart.

Replace your oil filter and oil. Use a 10W-30 or 10W-40 oil. Use the 10W-40 in golf carts you use at capacity most of the time. Change the oil after every 200 to 250 hours of operation. Change your oil at the beginning of Spring to remove accumulated Winter moisture.

Items you will need

  • Dipstick
  • Owner's manual
  • Oil collection container
  • Oil filter
  • Oil

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