How to Change the Oil in a 2007 BMW 328i

by Chester Rockwell
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The 2007 BMW 328i is a part of the "E90" 3-series platform, which began production in 2006 to replace the preceding E46 model. The E90 platform was still in production in 2010. The oil change procedure on E90 cars, including the 2007 328i, is a straightforward task made easier by an oil change trap door that BMW engineered into the car's underbelly. Performing this procedure will require about an hour of your time and a few tools.

Step 1

Position the ramps on a level surface and drive the front wheels of your 328i on top of them.

Step 2

Engage the emergency brake, turn off your 328i and pop the car's hood.

Step 3

Loosen the oil filler neck cap and put the cap aside.

Step 4

Go to the underside of the car and locate the trap door for the oil pan drain plug. It is located in a circular impression toward the front of the car, in front of the catalytic converters.

Step 5

Pry the plastic trap door open to reveal the oil drain plug.

Step 6

Position the oil drain pan underneath the oil drain plug.

Step 7

Loosen the oil drain plug using the 17mm socket and allow all of the oil to drain out.

Step 8

Screw the oil drain plug back into place when the oil has finished draining, and reinstall the trap door's cover.

Step 9

Go to the hood of the car and insert the funnel into the oil filler neck.

Step 10

Slowly pour the oil into the funnel and replace the oil filler neck cap when you are finished.

Close the hood and start your car. Allow the engine to idle for a few minutes so the new oil can circulate through the engine.

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