How to Change Signal Light Bulbs in a '99 Cavalier

by Johnathan Cronk

The 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier is equipped with turn signals on the back and front of the vehicle. The turn signals notify a vehicle behind or in front of you when you plan to make a turn. Over time, the bulb in one of the turn signals may burn out. It's important to replace the bulb as soon as possible to ensure drivers are aware of turns and lane changes.

Rear Signal Lights

Open the trunk of the Cavalier. Locate the fastener that holds down the trunk's interior trim. Unscrew the fastener and pull the trunk trim away from the edge, revealing the taillights and turn signals.

Remove the turn signal assembly by turning the unit a quarter turn clockwise. The assembly will now be loosened. Pull the assembly out.

Remove the turn signal bulb by pulling it straight toward you. The bulb will come out with little force.

Push a new bulb into the bulb socket. The bulb will click into place. Position the light assembly back into place. Turn the unit a quarter counterclockwise to lock it into place.

Push the interior trunk trim back into place and replace the fastener. Screw the fastener into place. Close the trunk.

Front Signal Lights

Open the hood of the Cavalier. Locate the turn signal and corresponding headlight that needs to be replaced.

Remove the bolts securing the headlight assembly using the appropriate screwdriver. There are two bolts located on the top of the headlight unit. Once the bolts are removed, slowly side the headlight unit out of the vehicle frame. You will now have access to the turn signal.

Locate the turn signal, which is found in the bumper. You will see the turn signal light bulb by looking down the vacant spot within the frame where the headlight once was.

Pull the bulb out of the socket and discard. Insert a replacement bulb into the socket. You will hear it click into place when the bulb is secure.

Slide the headlight unit back into the vehicle frame. Replace the two bolts and tighten.

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