How to Change a Jeep Liberty Tire

by Russell Wood

Whenever you have to get somewhere by a specific time, the inevitable will always happen: you get a flat tire. It's inconvenient to be sure, but fixing a flat tire isn't very difficult to do if you have the right tools and the correct parts. This job should take from 15 to 30 minutes to do using the tools provided with your Jeep Liberty.


Pull out the factory tool box and locate the tire iron. Use the tire iron to loosen the lugs on the wheel with the flat tire and just break them loose. You don't want to remove the lugs yet.


Use the jack provided with the vehicle and lift up the Jeep by the side. There are arrows on the bottom of the Jeep that indicate jack points, and the jack should be placed on the point closest to the tire.


Unscrew the lug nuts on the tire manually or with the tire iron. Grab the tire by both sides with your arms and lift it off of the hub. Move the tire to the side so it's out of the way.


Grab the spare tire and slide it onto the studs. Then loosely bolt it in place using the tire iron, tightening the lugs in a star pattern so you evenly distribute the load.


Lower the jack manually and then tighten the lugs again using a star pattern and the tire iron. Make sure the lugs are secure before driving the vehicle.

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