How to Change a Headlight on a Chrysler Pacifica

by Jody L. Campbell

If you've tried to replace the headlight in you Chrysler Pacifica, you may have wondered what they were thinking when they designed it. Perhaps they want you to bring it to the dealer to replace the headlight and charge outrageous labor costs. You don't have to be at the mercy of the dealership and you can replace the headlight yourself and save a bunch of money by doing so.

Step 1

Open the hood to the Pacifica and then turn the headlights on. Go back to the front of the vehicle and locate which bulb is out and what position it is in inside the headlight assembly. The low beams are on the outsides of the headlight assemblies and the high beams are on the insides.

Step 2

Remove the two screws at the top of the headlight assembly using the ratchet and a socket.

Step 3

Tuck the towel in between the bottom of the headlight assembly and the bumper. You will note that the bumper has some flexibility to it. The towel is to protect the bumper from getting scratched while removing the headlight assembly.

Step 4

Pull forward on the headlight assembly. There is a spring loaded clamp that is going to stubbornly hang onto the assembly, but be determined and it will come free.

Step 5

Tip the face of the headlight assembly downward to expose the back of the assembly. Remove the round plastic cover from the chamber of the headlight you're replacing by prying it off with a flathead screwdriver.

Step 6

Reach down into the chamber and turn the headlight bezel counterclockwise until it releases from the assembly. Pull the headlight out and unplug the wire harness from the bulb.

Step 7

Plug the new bulb into the wire harness, but be careful not to touch the glass bulb part of the headlight. Insert the bulb into the headlight assembly chamber and replace and tighten the bezel clockwise until it locks into place. Turn the headlight back on temporarily to check the bulb and ensure it's working.

Step 8

Replace the round cover and reinsert the headlight assembly into the Pacifica. Be sure to align the spring loaded clamp to the clip on the bottom of the assembly.

Step 9

Replace the two screws, remove the tools and close the hood.

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