How to change the turn signal bulb or head light on a Ford Taurus

by Editorial Team

Changing the Ford Taurus turn signal looks difficult but its easier then you think.Here are the steps to change the headlight or turn signal bulb.

Step 1

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There are 2 clips at the back of the headlight housing. You need to pull them up with a pair of pliers. Then remove the small screw it has a bolt head from the lower left of the head light housing. You can use a socket wrench or pair of pliers to remove the bolt.

Step 2

Now gently remove the head light housing from the car. This will expose the head light bulb and turn signal. You then twist out the Ford turn signal which will be in the lower right of the housing if your facing the car. The bulb will be a yellow color and it will pull straight out from the socket which will unplug the bulb.

Step 3

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Take your new turn signal bulb and push it into the slot. Now put the bulb casing back in the head light housing and twist it back into place. Make sure to test the bulb before you reinstall the head light housing. To replace the housing just reverse the steps you did to remove it. Make sure it is seated well so water will not leak into the head light housing.

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