How to Change Golf Cart Tires

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You are riding along in your golf cart when you discover you have a flat tire. Changing a golf cart's tire is similar to changing an automobile's tire. While changing a golf cart's flat tire is fairly easy, you need the proper equipment to be able to successfully change the tire.

Park the golf cart on level ground. You want to minimize the possibility of the golf cart rolling away while you are working on it.

Switch the golf cart off and activate the parking brake. Turning the golf cart off and setting the brake helps avoid a possible accident.

Block the opposite side's tire with a board, brick or another obstacle. Do this to avoid the golf cart from rolling away while you are working on it.

Position a floor jack under the golf cart frame but near the location of the flat tire.

Use the appropriate tool to loosen the lug nuts on the flat tire in a counter clock-wise fashion. You can use ratchet wrench, socket wrench or a tire tool based on what fits the tire's lug nuts. Only loosen the lug nuts. Do not remove them yet.

Use the floor jack to raise the golf cart. Raise the golf cart until the tire is barely off the ground.

Remove the lug nuts and tire. Continue to loosen them until you are able to detach them completely. Remember to keep your hands and arms out from under the golf cart to avoid accidental injury.

Place the replacement tire or fixed tire on the wheel hub.

Attach the lug nuts. Loosely tighten the lug nuts so that they stay on the hub.

Lower the jack until some of the golf cart's pressure rests on the tire.

Continue to secure the lug nuts until they fit tightly.

Disconnect the floor jack. Lower the jack until the golf cart is on the ground. As you lower the floor jack, the golf cart's weight will be on the tire instead of the jack. At this point, it is safe to remove the floor jack from under the golf cart.

Remove the other obstacles from the other wheels.


  • close If you have to leave the golf cart to have a tire fixed, lower the jack so the golf cart is resting on the ground instead of being elevated by the floor jack.
  • close Keep your hands and arms out from under the golf cart to avoid accidental injury.

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