How to Change the Fuel Filter in a 91 Accord

by Chris Deziel
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A dirty fuel filter can prevent your 1991 Honda Accord from running smoothly or even from starting. It is not designed to last for the life of the car, and is not difficult to replace. It is located on the passenger side of the engine compartment near the back. It is about the size of an oil filter and has a band around it, securing it to the firewall. The fuel filter also a rubber hose coming out of the top and a steel pipe coming out of the bottom. You will need two wrenches to remove the fuel lines.

Step 1

Let the car cool down if it has been running.

Step 2

Locate the fuel filter attached to the firewall on the passenger side of the engine compartment near the back. Release the strap holding the filter to the firewall by pulling the handle.

Step 3

Hold the flare nut attaching the tube at the bottom of the filter with a 19-mm open wrench, and turn the banjo bolt on the top of the filter with a 17-mm socket wrench. Have a rag handy because fuel will squirt out of the hose under pressure when you loosen this nut. Completely unscrew the bolt and remove the hose.

Step 4

Holding the filter with one hand, unscrew the flare nut on the bottom of the filter and remove the pipe. Lift the filter out of the engine compartment.

Step 5

Insert the replacement filter, and tighten the flare nut on the bottom, reconnecting the pipe to the filter. Replace worn washers on the banjo bolt, and tighten it back onto the top of the filter, reconnecting the fuel hose.

Step 6

Slide the filter back into place against the firewall, and connect the holding strap. Secure the strap by flipping the handle back into the closed position.

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