How to Change Front Fork Oil on a 1200 Goldwing

by Robert Good

The Honda Goldwing 1200 is a cruiser-style Honda motorcycle with a 1199cc engine. The front forks on a Honda Goldwing 1200 are the two metal arms going from the handle bars down to the front tire. Fork oil is the hydraulic fluid that is inside the forks. The fork oil allows the forks to move up and down, allowing the front forks to absorb most of the vibrations and bumps that you ride over while riding the Honda Goldwing on the road. You should change the fork oil every after 50 hours of riding.


Place the motorcycle jack underneath the engine and lift the Goldwing off of the ground. The front tire needs to be completely off of the ground.


Remove the axle bolt securing the front tire to the front forks. Remove the retaining nut from the axle by using the ratchet set to unscrew the nut.


Tap the axle bolt out of the front forks and the middle of the front tire with the rubber hammer. Tap the axle bolt until you can pull the bolt out from the tire. Pull the front tire out from between the two front forks. Set the front tire, retaining nut and axle bolt aside on a clean surface.


Loosen the securing clamp holding the two front forks on the handle bar with the Allen wrench. Unscrew the nut on top of the clamp to loosen the clamp. Slide both of the front forks out of the clamp.


Remove the nut on the top end of the fork and turn the fork up side down in the drain pan. Allow both forks to drain completely.


Slowly pour new Honda motorcycle fork oil into both of the forks until they are full. Replace the nut to the top of the fork. Replace the forks to the clamp on the handle bar. Tighten the clamp and replace the front tire to the forks. Replace the axle to the tire and the nut to the axle.

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