How to change engine oil on Audi A6 Quattro

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Instructions on how to do an Audi oil change on an Audi A6 Quattro.

5w40 synthetic motor oil, Mann filter, oil filter wrench

You will need a new Mann oil filter, about 6 Quarts 5w40 synthetic motor oil, and oil filter wrench. Turn on ignition of the car for a couple of minutes to warm up the oil for better flow and drainage.

Place the car on a ramp to lift the car off the ground. A jack can be used if you do not have a ramp.

Under the front of the car, using Phillips screw driver, remove the cover to gain access to the engine oil filter.

Locate the oil filter and oil drain plug. Remove the oil drain plug. I used an adjustable wrench. Be ready with the oil bucket as hot oil will shoot out.

Oil shooting out. Admire or go take break. It will drain for a few minutes. Make sure you position the catch bucket properly.

Using the oil filter wrench, remove the oil filter. There will be some oil left over in the filter so be prepared.

The new oil filter should have some oil dabbed on the contact surfaces before you install it back using your hands to tighten. It is recommended that you use a new drain plug that is available at your local auto stores for less than $2.

Now that everything below is drained and put back in place. Time to open up the hood and fill this baby up with fully synthetic 5w40 motor oil as specified by Audi. It should top off at about 6 Liters. Make sure you check the oil level after your car is back on a flat surface.


  • Change your engine oil if using Synthetic, every 7000 to 10,000 miles.
  • Put used motor oil in a sturdy container, such as a plastic milk jug, and take it to your local service station for recycling.


  • Cars that are lifted onto jacks, and ramps are unstable.
  • Place wheel chocks behind rear wheels to prevent roll back. Also have the parking brakes on to add stability.

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