How to Change the Drive Belt on a Polaris ATV

by Michael Dickson

The drive belt on your Polaris ATV transmits power from the drive pulley to the driven pulley. The belt provides a vital link in the operation and performance of the ATV. To ensure top performance, the correct size drive belt must be installed, because belt width and length are critical to proper operation. Belt wear affects clutch operation, so it is important to check the belt frequently, inspecting the width of the belt due to wear. With general use, there is no specific mileage or time limit to belt life on your Polaris ATV.

Drive Belt Removal

Step 1

Remove the outer cover to the drive belt using a Phillips-head screwdriver. The outer cover is located on the left side of the motor. Five screws around the cover need to be removed.

Step 2

Check the drive belt for manufacturer markings for reference during installation. If you are replacing the same belt and there are no directional markings, place an arrow on the belt facing forward using a piece of chalk.

Push against the inner sheave of the driven pulley to release tension on the belt. The driven pulley is the pulley on the right while facing the ATV. Rotate the pulley clockwise to separate the pulley halves, and then roll the belt out of the pulleys.

Drive Belt Installation

Step 1

Check the directional manufacturer's markings or your chalk markings on the drive belt being sure to face the arrow to the front. Place the belt over the left pulley and roll the free end of the belt over the driven pulley on the right, rotating the inner sheave counterclockwise.

Step 2

Release the inner sheave of the driven pulley when the belt is in place. Replace the outer cover and tighten the five screws using a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Start the ATV and slowly increase the throttle until the drive belt engages the drive train to ensure proper installation.

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