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How to Change Your Car's Blinker Fluid

by braniac

You have a wonderful car. It is your pride and joy. You meticulously maintain your car in excellent condition. Then one day your friend stops by, when you are changing the oil, and inquires if you have changed your blinker fluid. As panic rushes through you remember these simple steps.

Step 1

Do not panic! Place head between knees and take deep breaths. Having not changed your blinker fluid in several years will not damage your blinkers. If panic attack continues do some soul searching meditation finding the core of your inner strength.

Step 2

After coming to your sense from your induced panic attack, walk to the garage. Open door to the garage. Go to car supply shelf. Pick up blinker fluid and return back to car.

Step 3

Inform friend that you were planning on adding blinker fluid and you did not need him reminding you to change your blinker fluid.

Step 4

Open car door and locate hood release lever. Left hood of car. Locate blinker fluid intake and pour blinker fluid in. Note, there may be two different places where you need to fill your blinker fluid reservoir at, it all depends on your type of car. Check owners manual for help (May not be listed). Close hood of car.

Step 5

Test your blinkers to make sure that they are in working condition. Have friend stand in front of car informing you when your blinkers flash on. Repeat for blinkers in rear of car. Time the interval between flashes. Make sure all intervals are the same time for rear and front blinkers.

Now that you have new blinker fluid in your car, invite friend to go cruising in your pimped out ride. Showing him that the blinkers are in working condition and proving to yourself that you did not need to panic.


  • Your car may not take blinker fluid.

Items you will need

  • Blinker Fluid
  • A Friend

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