How to Change Car Pedals

by Steve Smith

If you are really into racing, one aftermarket part you may want to install is a pair of new racing pedals. These will mount right on your existing pedal arms, and are lighter, have more grip and more stylish. They will give your custom car one more added detail. Performance-wise, you will find them to be more responsive because they are made of solid metal. Installation takes less than an hour.

Step 1

Remove the interior floor mat and anything else obstructing access to the pads.

Step 2

Pull off the rubber pedal material by reaching behind the pedal and pulling the rubber up and over the metal pad underneath.

Step 3

Thoroughly clean the tops of the exposed brake pad metal with a degreasing agent. Place the new metal race pedals on the bare metal pads in the position you desire them.

Step 4

Make a mark with a marker on the metal through the racing pedal mounting holes, marking the exact location where you'll drill the mounting holes.

Step 5

Drill the mounting holes into the metal brake pad. Use a power drill and a carbide-tipped drill bit sized to match the racing pedal's mounting hardware.

Step 6

Place the racing pedal back on the metal surface of the pad and line it up with the freshly drilled holes. Install the mounting hardware using a power drill and Phillips head bit.

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