How to Change a Camshaft Position Sensor

by Don BowmanUpdated August 01, 2023

Locate the camshaft sensor. The camshaft sensor is always in the immediate vicinity of the camshaft. Most four-cylinder engines will have the camshaft sensor located in the front of the engine just forward of the valve cover. Foreign cars such as Honda with a distributor will have the crank and camshaft sensors in the distributor. These sensors are not serviceable and the distributor must be replaced. Those sensors that are located outside the distributor are shaped like a small cylinder with two wires attached to it. V6 and V8 engines will normally have the sensor in the intake manifold, which would place it directly over the camshaft.

Disconnect the electrical plug on the sensor by pressing on the tab and pulling it off. Remove the hold-down bolt, using a 10-mm socket and ratchet. Twist the camshaft sensor as it is being pulled out. It is always a tight fit so it will resist removal to some degree.

Insert the new cam sensor, making sure to keep the tip clean. Twist it as it is being installed to ease entry into its position.

Rotate the sensor to align the hole in the bracket with that of the mounting surface. Install the bolt and tighten with the socket. Plug the electrical plug into the top of the sensor.

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