How to Change a Battery in a Saturn Vue 2007

by Justin Cupler

Saturn was a relatively short-lived brand under the GM umbrella, but it produced some popular vehicles, including the Vue SUV. The Vue was Saturn's first SUV, and it came in traditional gasoline-powered models, a fuel-efficient hybrid model and even a peppy Redline variant. Replacing the battery in the Vue with either the 2.2- or 3.5-liter engine requires the same procedure.


Connect a memory saver to the vehicle, according to the instructions that came with it. Open the hood and loosen the bolt securing the negative battery cable -- the one connecting to the battery terminal with a "-" above it -- using a ratchet and socket. Pull the negative battery cable away from the battery and position it away from the battery to avoid accidental reconnection.


Loosen the bolt securing the positive battery cable and position it away from the battery. Loosen the bolt securing the battery hold-down -- the plastic piece securing the bottom, front of the battery -- with a ratchet, socket and a 12-inch extension.


Tilt the battery slightly forward -- do not tilt more that 45 degrees -- to clear the battery hold-down, and lift the old battery from its mounting plate.


Lower the new battery onto the mounting plate; tilt the battery slightly to position the plastic tab on the bottom of the battery under the battery hold-down. Tighten the battery hold-down bolt to 11 foot-pounds, using a torque wrench, 12-inch extension and socket.


Spray the battery cable ends with battery terminal cleaner and allow the chemical to set for the time prescribed by its instructions. Scrub the insides of the cable ends with the cable-end brush or a small wire brush. Wipe the battery terminal cleaner off of the cable ends.


Reconnect the positive battery cable to the terminal on the battery with the "+" above it and tighten the battery cable bolt to 13 foot-pounds. Reconnect the negative battery terminal to the battery terminal and tighten its bolt to 13 foot-pounds also. Remove the memory saver and start the engine to check the battery's operation. Spray the battery terminals and cable ends with battery terminal protector and allow the protector to dry for the amount of time prescribed by its instructions.


  • check After installing the new battery, have the entire charging system checked by a professional. This will help catch issues in the charging system that may result in your new battery failing prematurely.


  • close Use caution when loosening or tightening the battery cable bolts, as bridging the gap between the negative and positive terminals may cause a short and damage the battery.

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