How to Change the Battery in an Avital Remote Starter

by Megan Mattingly-Arthur

A division of Directed Electronics, Avital began producing convenient remote start and keyless entry systems since the early 1990s. Each Avital remote starter unit runs on a 3-volt lithium battery designed to last for approximately one year under normal use. Reduced operating range and a dimmed LED display will indicate that the battery in your Avital fob requires replacement. Fortunately, you can change the battery in your Avital fob in less than five minutes.

Step 1

Separate the two halves of your Avital remote starter to access the battery compartment. Insert the tip of an optical-size flat-blade screwdriver into the seam on the side of the remote start unit. Wiggle the screwdriver back and forth until the halves separate.

Step 2

Remove the old battery from the battery compartment; pry it free with the tip of the screwdriver if necessary. Recycle the old battery if facilities exist in your area.

Step 3

Insert a new 3-volt, CR2032 lithium battery into the remote starter fob's battery compartment in the same configuration in which the original battery sat.

Reassemble the Avital remote starter unit. Line up the two halves of the remote starter, and pinch them between your fingers until the pieces snap together.


  • You can also use a PDA case-opening tool or plastic guitar pick to pry apart the halves of your Avital remote starter.


  • Contact Avital customer service for more remote starter repair and warranty information (see link in Resources section).

Items you will need

  • Optical-size flat-blade screwdriver
  • 3-volt CR2032 lithium battery

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