How to Change the Antifreeze in a Chrysler Sebring

by Gregory Crews
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The Chrysler Sebring comes equipped with a six-cylinder engine made with aluminum heads that can be cracked easily if it runs hot. Changing the coolant regularly is vital to keeping this vehicle running cool and efficiently. Keeping your coolant changed will assist in keeping debris and sediment out of your engine and keep your car running optimally.

Step 1

Place a drain pan underneath the radiator. Ensure that it will hold three to four gallons of coolant.

Step 2

Locate the petcock valve toward the bottom of the radiator. Turn the valve counterclockwise to empty the coolant. Allow the radiator to fully drain.

Step 3

Close the valve with the crescent wrench. Twist off the radiator cap.

Step 4

Pour one gallon of antifreeze in the radiator. Fill the gallon container with water. Pour the water into the radiator. Repeat this step until the radiator is full.

Step 5

Start the car up to circulate the coolant. Turn the heater on. This will assist in opening the thermostat quicker so the coolant will circulate.

Step 6

Top off the radiator, as the coolant level will go down as the engine is running. The thermostat will open, distributing the coolant through the motor. Resume filling until the radiator is full.

Tighten the cap back on to the radiator. Push the radiator cap down and turn it till it stops.


  • These instructions are for undiluted anti-freeze.
  • If you purchase the coolant that is already mixed, you will not need to add water. Purchase three gallons of the mixed coolant and pour this into your radiator.


  • Do not work on the cooling system while the engine is hot. Give the Sebring adequate time to cool down before changing coolant.
  • Contact your recycling center for disposal of the old coolant. Engine coolant can be toxic.

Items you will need

  • Crescent wrench
  • Drain pan
  • 3 gallons of undiluted antifreeze

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