How to Change the Internal Air Filter on a Toyota Tundra

by Dave Baker NYC

Toyota added an internal air filter to the Tundra beginning with 2007 models. The cabin air filter performs an important function, purifying air inside the truck to reduce or eliminate dust, pollen, mildew and other particles so you can breathe easily. You should change the filter regularly--about every year--as well as any time you notice that the air inside the truck is stale. If you regularly drive in an area that's very dusty or polluted, or if you're particularly sensitive to allergens, replace the filter more frequently. Before you begin, pull out any items from the glove compartment.

Open the glove compartment on your Toyota Tundra.

Locate the damper on the lower right side of the inner glove compartment and slide it off with your fingers.

Push in with your hands on each side of the glove compartment. This will release the "claws" that hold the compartment in place. The right side may be a little more difficult to release than the left. Guide the glove compartment downward. It will hang almost vertically, revealing the cabin air filter.

Squeeze each side of the filter cover to release it and simultaneously pull it out.

Detach the filter from the filter outlet, keeping it facing upward so that no dust shakes loose into the truck.

Install the new filter into the filter outlet with the arrow pointing upward. Slide it into the truck cavity until it fits snugly.

Raise the glove compartment and squeeze in on the sides until it snaps back into place. Return the damper and close the glove compartment.


  • check The Tundra's cabin air filter is Toyota part No. 87139-YZZ08. It is an electrostatic filter, which means it holds a static charge that enables capture of tiny particles like asbestos and tire dust, according to Toyota.

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