How to Change the Accessory Belt on a Mitsubishi Endeavor

by Alibaster Smith

The accessory belt on a Mitsubishi Endeavor is called a serpentine belt. The serpentine belt drives all of the pulleys on the vehicle using one belt instead of several. Removing and changing the belt is a straightforward process. If your existing belt tread looks glazed or cracked, you need to change the accessory belt.

Look at the front of your engine and make note of the accessory belt orientation and configuration. Draw a diagram of your accessory belt configuration. You will need to reinstall the belt in the same orientation.

Release tension on the accessory belt. Place a socket wrench over the center-most pulley. There will be a pulley that does not appear to be attached to any electrical or mechanical component. This is the pulley tensioner and controls the tension on the pulley system. Turn the pulley tensioner bolt counterclockwise to remove tension on the belt.

Pull the belt off the pulley system while turning the tensioner bolt counterclockwise.

Install the new accessory belt according to the diagram you drew in Step 1. Make sure that the teeth on the belt sit squarely in the grooves on all of the pulleys.

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