Cessna 206 Specifications

by A.J. AndrewsUpdated October 18, 2017
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With a spacious cargo area and seating for six people, the Cessna 206 fulfills several roles as a sport-utility aircraft, including freight transporter, long-range cruiser and law enforcement vehicle. Also referred to as the Stationair, the 206 features an optional turbocharged engine, glass avionics and enough fuel capacity for more than three hours of flight time when carrying a full payload.

Flight Performance

The standard Stationair has a range of 690 nautical miles and the turbocharged version has a range of 630 nm. Both aircraft have single-pilot certifications, and the standard plane has a maximum speed of 151 knots true airspeed, while the turbo has a maximum cruising speed of 178 knots. The standard Stationair has a certified ceiling of 15,700 feet and climbs from sea level at a rate of 989 feet per minute, while the turbocharged model has a maximum certified altitude of 27,000 feet and climbs at nearly 1,051 feet per minute. The standard version takes 1,860 feet of runway to reach liftoff, whereas the turbocharged model leaves the ground after traveling 1,743 feet. Both models take 1,395 feet to reach a complete stop when landing.


The turbo Stationair and the standard Stationair share the same chassis. Each model has an overall length of 28 feet and 3 inches, a height of 9 feet 3 inches and a wingspan of 36 feet. The cabin has a length of 10 feet and 7 inches, a width of 42.5 inches and a height of 49.5 inches. Both planes have a baggage capacity of 11 cubic feet.


The standard Stationair has a ramp weight of 3,614 lbs., and the turbocharged model has a ramp weight of 3,617 lbs. The planes share identical takeoff and landing weights of 3,600 lbs., and usable fuel capacities of 522 lbs. The standard model has a full-fuel payload of 851 lbs., a maximum payload of 1,359 lbs. and useful load of 1,373 lbs. The turbocharged version carries a full-fuel payload of 746 lbs., a useful load of 1,268 lbs. and a maximum payload of 1,251 lbs.


Engine manufacturer Textron Lycoming produces both available engines for the 206, which can operate for 2,000 hours between overhauls. The standard engine has 300 horsepower while the turbo has 310 horsepower.

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