What Causes Car Springs to Break?

by Jonathan Lister
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Coil springs, shocks and struts are parts of an automobile's suspension system that both supports the vehicle and provides for a comfortable ride. Several situations and conditions can lead to coils on a vehicle wearing abnormally and breaking. In some situations, coils break as the result of other components failing so drivers are urged to address suspension problems quickly to avoid any serious complications.

Rough Road Conditions

Coil springs, shocks and struts are designed to withstand rough road conditions but some changes in the roadway can be too much to bear. Large pot holes and sudden changes in road height can contribute to coils breaking. Using a vehicle in an off-road setting that has not been designed for it can also contribute to broken springs since these coils were designed to handle the bumps of an average paved road, not the unpredictability of rocky terrain.

Fluid Leaks

According to automotive repair website AA1 Car, ripped seals in a vehicle's struts can cause fluid leakage. This leads to more strain being placed on coil springs which can damage them to the point of breaking. Additionally, a decrease in hydraulic pressure can cause springs to contact with other suspension components, brake lines and even exhaust components causing further damage. Vehicles that show increased noise when going over bumps or dips in the road may be experiencing hydraulic fluid leaks.

Wheel Imbalances or Blown Tires

Wheel imbalances due to misalignment or through damaged tires can cause uneven wear to suspension components which can lead to damage and breakage of coil springs, shocks and struts. Riding on a blown tire puts a vehicle's springs and other suspension components in direct contact with the roadway stressing components beyond normal limits. This is particularly dangerous if multiple coils break as this could seriously damage a vehicle's brakes, steering system and axles.

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