Cars Similar to the Mini Cooper

by Elizabeth Punke
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Mini Cooper cars are internationally renowned as some of the most fuel efficient, durable cars on the market. The Cooper is available as a convertible, hard top and club style, each varying slightly in outer appearances. Newly designed fuel efficient coupes are similar to the Cooper from valuable technology to creative appearance.

Tata Nano

The Nano is offered as a Petroleum car only, with a battery that sits beneath the driver's seat. Even though using miles per gallon is not relevant, the Nano still offers exceptional fuel efficiency. The Tata Nano's appearance is slightly similar to the Mini Cooper. The front end of the car is rounded and continues to round up over the back seat, then drops off in a straight line to the back bumper. The Mini Cooper also has a straight-lined back end, where the back opens as a hatch. The Nano provides simplistic power controls like the Mini Cooper.

Smart Fortwo

One benefit of driving the Mini Cooper is the fuel efficiency it harbors. The Mini Cooper gets about 32 mpg, while the Smart Fortwo gets 36 mpg. In addition to the similar fuel efficiency, the Smart Fortwo also has a similar appearance to the Mini Cooper. Both vehicles are two-door coupes that come with the option of a convertible top. The Fortwo offers the latest in navigation and entertainment options, just as the Mini Cooper does. In addition, the Fortwo provides enough room to seat four with space in the trunk, similar to the Mini Cooper.

Toyota Yaris

The Toyota Yaris is similar to the Mini Cooper in fuel efficiency with an MPG of 32. The Yaris has four doors, unlike the two-door Mini Cooper, but seats four people as the Mini Cooper does. The Yaris also has a rounded front edge that looks similar to the Mini Cooper. Both the Yaris and the Cooper offer Sirius Satellite radio in their new models and a port for media devices like an iPod.

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