The Best Car Speakers for Dodge Charger

by Jule Pamplin
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The Dodge Charger is available with several options for its car audio system. Charger owners can choose from a variety of stereo decks and speaker configurations. True car stereo enthusiasts will choose to upgrade their factory-installed speakers with aftermarket models that offer a more complete sound. The speakers in the dash, the door panels and the rear deck can all be swapped for aftermarket speakers that will deliver higher quality and greater capability.

Dash Speakers

The Charger'd dash speakers are 3.5-inch tweeters. They are primarily intended to interpret the highest tones of music and give balance to any musical performance. The best tweeters offer quality "highs" while avoiding the "tinny" sound that can be heard through inferior speakers.

The Infinity Reference two-way 3.5-inch speakers offer a quality sound and can accept a high range of input (up to 40 watts). While not the most expensive speakers, the Infinity speakers offer the some of the highest quality and the most power.

Boston Acoustics 3.5 two-way speakers offer great sound with synthetic surround materials that last longer than the traditional rubber. BA speakers can handle up to 30 watts of input to handle aftermarket amplifiers.

JL Audios Evolution series of 3.5-inch speakers are an economic alternative for quality sound. The JL two-way dash speakers will accept up to 25 watts of power and deliver top-notch sound without using a great sounding, but short-lived rubber woofer.

Door Panel Speakers

The speakers on the door panels of the Charger have the responsibility to create a surround-sound effect while delivering the mid-range signals that make up the greatest voice in car audio speakers. The Charger comes equipped with 5.25-inch door speakers, but the speaker well will accept up to 6.5-inch speakers.

Boston Acoustics SR55 speakers handle substantial power (up to 75 watts) and have a built-in crossover for ideal sonic response.

JL Audio's Evolution Series continues to provide quality sound through a variety of speaker sizes. For the door panels JL Audio provides the 5.25-inch two-way C5 speakers. They handle up to 65 watts of power to leave you with substantial options for amplification.

Focal's 130 CVX speakers are remarkable. Focal does not perform well in most speaker sizes, but in the 5.25-inch range, they provide a quality sound with an innovative design. The inverted dome tweeter on the two-way speakers means a crisp sound without screaming "highs." The Focal door panel speakers handle up to 60 watts of power.

Rear Deck Speakers

The rear deck of the Charger is best used by 6-by-9-inch speakers. The most expensive 6-by-9-inch speakers often have multiple channels. Multi-channel speakers are perfect for providing a wide range of sound, but since the other speakers in the Charger do a more than adequate job at providing balance, the rear deck speakers can be devoted to bass response exclusively.

Polk Audio offers a three-way rear deck 6-by-9-inch speaker as part of the MM Series. The Polk three-ways provide outstanding balance as well as superior bass response. The Polk rear deck speakers will handle up to 125 watts of power from your amp.

Infinity's best 6-by-9-inch speaker comes from the award winning Kappa Series. The 693.9 speakers deliver great range, offer durability and accept 110 watts of power easily.

Eclipse Point Source Series 6-by-9-inch speakers do a great job of delivering quality bass. The Point Series speakers are two-way speakers that use a carbon-fiber body to provide an efficient output and solid sound. Eclipse 6-by-9-inch speakers handle up to 90 watts.

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