Car Paint Chip Prevention

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The onset of chipping car paint can be an aggravating experience, especially if you consider your car to be an extension of yourself. Before you go overboard, or spend hundreds of dollars to fix the problem, there are preventative measures you can take to keep the chipping at bay.

Clean Your Car Thoroughly

On an average day of driving through normal city roads, a car faces a lot of grueling environmental conditions. Road salt, moisture, dirt, chemicals, sea air, and industrial pollution are sure to take their toll on its paint and then lead to chipping paint. If you want to keep your car looking like it is showroom material, clean it regularly and thoroughly. Clean all those hard to reach areas you usually give a cursory spray of water. This includes the underside of the vehicle too. Leaving it unclean is like giving an open invitation to rust that will eat into the paint of your car before you know it. Immediately clean any foreign material that you spot on the paint. Tree sap, road tar, bird waste are all potential villains and can damage the finish of your car. Where you park your car also matters. Parking in a damp or poorly ventilated area spells trouble for your car paint. If you do not have a garage, cover your car with a high-quality cover that keeps the elements of nature from harming the exterior of your car.

Using a Clear Coat Protector

You may spend over an hour applying a clear coat protector to your car, but the results are well worth the effort. Not only does it protect your paint job and keep it shining, you are also spared other problems like premature fading and oxidation. Applying a clear coat protector is not very difficult, even if it is time consuming. All you have to do is pour some protector on a rag, and rub it onto your car. It's best to divide the car into panels and do one panel at a time. Do not be stingy with the quantity of clear coat protector you are using either, and make sure you rub it in really well. When it dries to a haze, wipe it off using another clean and soft cloth. While there is a lot of rubbing involved, in the end, your car will look glossy. It will be able to keep away water and any other contaminant that can wreak havoc on the paint.

Invest in a Protective Film

Investing in paint protection film can also keep paint from chipping. This protective film is made of urethane, a very tough and durable material. Since urethane is clear, it is virtually impossible to tell that a film has been applied on your car. The application of the urethane film is done by a professional and the areas of the car targeted are the painted surfaces of the car, door edges, bumper areas, and fenders. With a paint protection film on your car, you need not worry about foreign elements ruining the beauty of your precious ride.

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