Where Can a GPS Be Hidden on a Car?

by Steven Miller
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GPS tracking for cars is one of the most effective ways to monitor employees and family members. Finding the right location to hide GPS devices for cars can be challenging, but there are areas the devices can be placed where they might not be detected.

Device Types

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GPS devices can be used to track with active or passive units. Active devices use cell phone technology to transmit a vehicles location to a website. Passive devices store information to a receiver that can be downloaded to a computer to find the location of a vehicle.

Open Sky

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Regardless of the type of the device that is being used the best place to hide the GPS tracking unit is an area that has a clear view of the sky. The inside rail of luggage racks or in the area of the rear tire mount are excellent places to hide the unit.

Inside the Vehicle

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Placing the GPS device inside the vehicle probably won’t be as effective as placing it on the outside. Hiding the device in the glove box or the back speaker console are still good places to choose.

Position Matters

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Dashboards or parcel shelves (back shelf in the rear of the car) are good locations to hide the tracking device. Keep in mind that most GPS devices won’t be able to track through metal, but they can read signals through glass and plastic.

Unusual Places

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Place the GPS device in plastic car bumpers, plastic first aid kits, near a sunroof or even in a tissue box in the back of a car. A GPS tracking device is best hidden in plain sight, where it has is a clear view of the sky while remaining unnoticed by a driver or passenger.

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