Does a Camry Have Two Catalytic Converters?

by Kathryn Shimer
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Catalytic converters, important to your vehicle's emissions, clean exhaust before it enters the atmosphere. A bad catalytic converter can turn on your "Check Engine" light and lead to ensuing engine problems and power loss in your Camry.

Late-Model Camrys

Camrys made after the year 2000 will likely have two catalytic converters whether they have a four- or six-cylinder engine. Typically, the front converter is much less expensive to replace. Earlier-model Camrys from the 1990s and before may have only one converter, depending on the model.

California Camrys

Califonria has particularly strict emission laws. Camrys sold and driven in California will definitely have two converters.

Further Considerations

If still unsure about how many catalytic converters your Camry has, a mechanic can look under the car and quickly tell you. If your "Check Engine" light has turned on, have a mechanic plug the car into a diagnostic machine to determine which, if either, converter has begun to fail and diagnose the underlying engine problem.

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