How to Calculate the Size of a U-Haul

by John Rose

When it comes to moving, you want to do it as economically as possible. This includes renting the proper size of U-haul truck. If you rent one that is too small, you will end up making multiple trips, increasing your mileage charges. On the other hand, if you rent one that is too large, you will spend more than necessary on the per-day rental.

Count the rooms in your house. Rooms include the garage, storage sheds and the basement. Count rooms that have many belongings in them as two. Do not count the bathroom as a room because it normally holds very little that you will move.

Multiply the number of rooms you have by 150, using a calculator if necessary. The total represents the capacity in cubic feet of the moving truck you need to rent.

Contact the nearest U-Haul station and tell the representative the size of truck you need in terms of cubic footage. A 12-foot truck has a capacity of 450 cubic feet, a 16-foot truck holds 800 cubic feet, a 22-foot truck holds 1,200 cubic feet and a 26-foot truck holds 1,400 cubic feet. Never choose a truck that is smaller, but it is OK to get one larger.


  • check Plan your packing carefully. If you place your belongings on the truck without taking care to efficiently use the space available, you will end up making more trips than necessary.


  • close Be sure to pack the truck tightly and use ropes to keep the load from shifting in transit.

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