How to Calculate Curb Weight

by Anyonita Green
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Curb weight is the weight of a vehicle without passengers or cargo but with all of the components needed for the vehicle to properly function including coolant, gas, oil and other standard equipment. You will need to know your vehicle's curb weight if you are looking to find the gross weight of your car since gross weight is calculated by adding curb weight to the weight of your passengers and cargo weight.

Calculating Curb Weight

Step 1

Consult your vehicle's manual and determine the factory-specified amounts of fluid required for vehicle including a full tank of gas. Fill your vehicle in accordance with this information. Remember to fill all of the liquids and fluids in your vehicle including brake fluid, antifreeze, transmission fluid, power steering fluid and oil.

Step 2

Call for your vehicle to be towed to an auto garage or landfill, since both facilities should have scales strong enough to facilitate the weight of your vehicle. Have your vehicle weighed as is, without any added cargo or accessories.

Step 3

Match the weight of your vehicle as determined at the auto garage or landfill with a list of vehicle curb weights. You can find specific vehicle curb weights online, by consulting your vehicle's manual or directly from your vehicle's manufacturer.

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