Cadillac Alternator Removal

by Dan Ferrell

You can trade in your failed alternator at your local auto parts store and install the new one yourself. On most Cadillac models, the alternator is replaced by removing a minimum of components for access. This article applies to the 1997-99 DeVille, 1997 Seville and 1999-01 Seville models. However, other models are very similar, with the exception of one or two extra components that you may need to detach to reach the alternator for removal.

Remove the Alternator

Disconnect the battery and take off the accessory belt. On the 1999-01 Seville model, remove the cooling fans assembly and detach the cooler outlet and inlet hoses retaining bolts from the alternator bracket. From the top you can reach to alternator upper mounting bolts; otherwise, you can reach them from the bottom. Raise the front of the Cadillac and set it on two jack stands. Remove the engine splash shield and, if necessary, the radiator support access panel. On the 1999-01 Seville models, you may have access to all the alternator mounting bolts from the top, so you do not have to raise your vehicle. Your Cadillac might have an alternator-to-engine rear bracket. Remove this bracket and then unscrew the remaining alternator mounting bolts. Disconnect the wires, unplug the electrical connector and remove the alternator from the vehicle.

Install the Alternator

Replace the back bracket from the old alternator to the new one, if necessary. Setting the new alternator in place, attach the wires and plug the electrical connector. Insert the mounting bolts and tighten them. Install the alternator-to-engine rear bracket, the radiator support access panel and the engine splash shield. Lower the vehicle and finish installing the upper mounting bolts, if necessary. On the 1999-01 Seville models, attach the cooler outlet and inlet hoses retaining bolts to the alternator bracket and the cooling fans assembly. Replace the accessory belt and connect the ground (black) battery cable.


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