How to Buy Yokohama Tires

by Patrick Nelson

Tires have a finite life. Not only do treads wear out, the rubber compounds deteriorate with age and can fail. So tires have to be replaced periodically. This is a step-by-step guide on how to get the best set of Yokahama tires for your vehicle.

Search for the Yokahama tire you need on the Yokahama website at You can search by vehicle type, vehicle model, tire size or tire name. Browse through the options for your vehicle. The website will give you an idea of the kinds of features available.

Click on the Dealer Locator tab and choose a dealer. For personal vehcles, the Yokahama website allows you to search by vehicle and by zip code.

Print out the Uniform Tire Quality Grade (UTQG) page at Yokahama tires conform to the UTQG. Test data is stamped on the sidewall and can give you an idea about how well the tire will last.

Visit the dealer and read the UTQG data on the tire. Treadware is a measure of tread durability. A treadwear rating of 200 means tread wears twice as well as the standard, which is a rating of 100. There are also ratings for traction, temperature resistance, and other qualities.

Agree a price with your dealer. Don't forget that work related to the installation can increase the cost . There is room to maneuver here in your negotiations.


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