How to Buy Snow Chains

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Driving on alpine roads or in snowy conditions can be treacherous if you don't have the right traction. Snow chains can make your drive safer. Knowing what to look for when buying snow chains and how to get the proper fit will make driving in adverse conditions less stressful.

Read your vehicle owner's manual to make sure that snow chains can actually be used on your vehicle. The wheel well clearance on your vehicle may not be big enough to accommodate snow chains.

Look at your tires to figure out the tire size. You need to know the tire width and radius numbers in order to buy the right size chains.

Verify that the snow chains are the correct size for your tires. If the chains don't fit properly they won't give the traction you need and won't be useful.

Check to make sure the snow chain information is correct on the package before you buy them because most stores won't let you return them once they have been opened.

Know which tires the snow chains should be used on. If your car is front wheel drive, the chains should go on the front tires. If you have a rear-wheel drive, the snow chains should be put on the rear wheels.


  • check Put your snow chains on your tires in a test run to make sure you know how to install them before you actually need to use them.
  • check Store your chains with a bit of oil on them after the winter is over so that they won't rust.

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